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These days there is a requirement to have certification for many aspects of life, from an MOT to a certificate of compliance from building standards.

a.b.c. Electrical are able to provide certification for the following situations:

We can also test portable appliances whilst carrying out an electrical inspection and test.

An electrical test report is like an MOT on a car, if the installation is recent the result may well be satisfactory. This is not a cast iron guarantee-as we have tested a new installation and found it to have 30 defects whilst a house that was rewired in the 1980’s passed the wiring check.

Below is an example of  part of an ECIR  Electrical Installation Condition Report.

This installation has been made anonymous but the main parts of the report are there, minus test results.

This was a flat in Kilmarnock that was only 25 years old with a history of sub standard electrical installation work.