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On the above review- point by point

Yes the job was organised

My name is not mystic Stewart- the wiring check took a couple of hours (2 bedroom flat) I had never been in this property so I did not know the wiring was so poor before I went in.

I carried out an EICR (electrical report) and sent a report (I told the client it had failed on the phone but I did not go into detail on the call as things are better in writing), so the client got a report of things as I found them.

I didn't carry out the smoke detector install (as I had already told her in the email above) as it was not safe to do so as it is specifically prohibited in the wiring regulations (132.16).

So if you want an electrician that aims to comply with the wiring regulations then call abc Electrical, however if you want  someone who disregards the regulations, does what the clients wants (even if it makes things more dangerous)  and does not care about safety then don’t call us.

This lady is essentially ranting as we took the decision to be safe rather than do what she wanted at the time- sometimes the client can be wrong, and will take no notice of clear professional advice.

Sometimes a client may appears to disregard safety advice (in email and on a recorded telephone call)  and then rants about the electrician not doing agreed work, (we did not charge for the smoke detector work that was missed out for safety reasons).

 Sometimes it better to lose a client rather than one who disregards safety advice.

Above post - point by point (missing stuff already covered above)

They contacted me for a wiring check and smoke detectors -not ‘other jobs’. No ‘other jobs’ were discussed, a message plays to people when clients call our number  (before the call is connected) stating that calls are recorded.

Having checked the call recordings I can confirm no ‘other’ jobs were agreed.

An agreement to do the smoke detectors and wiring check was made, the smoke detectors were not done for safety reasons as stated above

It is company policy, stated and at the bottom of our ‘terms and conditions page’ that we do not supply full certificates until we are paid (some landlords only want to pay for a ‘pass’ test).

Having checked the call recording there is NO mention of providing certification prior to payment

On ‘agreed works were not completed’

 The client was advised via email and during a call that the smoke detector works COULD NOT BE COMPLETED AS IT WAS NOT SAFE TO DO SO. At this point I confess I told the lady that ‘my standards were obviously too high for her’.

This lady wanted me to carry out works where it was dangerous and against the wiring regulations (BS 7671 : 2008), although she did not know this at the time she was made aware (via call and email as described above) yet still left such a ill informed review.

The only work we carried out for this client was a wiring check - which resulted in an ‘unsatisfactory’ outcome and issue an ‘EDN- Electrical Danger Notice’ for the dangerous wiring.

The only cost invoiced was the wiring check, the only item paid was the wiring check.

To make a comparison- if you get an MOT on your car and the garage says your car is dangerous you cannot blame the garage for causing the problem as it existed when you drove the car in. In this instance this lady is saying we caused the problem (no electrical installation works was done as we ONLY carried out a wiring check).

She must be getting them to check work which does not exist.

On the ‘cheap’ point- I like to give good value (I carry out wiring tests at below the market rate as they usually include other works at the time or soon afterwards).

England and Wales

So here is my reply via email reply after the lady asked why I did not install the smoke detectors.

Hi (client name)

I know [client husband name] wanted the work done but my hands are tied- as the install was found to be DANGEROUS when inspected

The regulations strictly prohibit me adding to a dangerous installation, the bonding and the safety of the consumer unit need addressed before (or at the same time) as the smoke detector works

To be specific Reg 132.16 (wiring regulations) states :

No addition or alteration, temporary or permanent, shall be made to an existing installation, unless it has been ascertained that the rating and the condition of any existing equipment, including that of the distributor, will be adequate for the altered circumstances. Furthermore, the earthing and bonding arrangements, if necessary for the protective measure applied for the safety of the addition or alteration, shall be adequate.

You have my paperwork and any new electrician you use should give you replacement paperwork

Here is a link to the Scottish Government site for landlords


Here are links to the NICIEC and SELECT contractor search sites- any electrician you use should be on there (otherwise your paperwork may be pointless).



So the client was told we couldn't do the work there and then, but I sent a quote via email.

The screen shots below show the reviews she left online for me.

Works arranged for 04/11/17 by telephone call

Keys dropped off by client

03/11/2017 17:52

Report carried out by us

04/11/2017 17:30

Invoice sent by us

07/11/2017 11:24

Invoice paid (debit card)

07/11/2017 13:09


07/11/2017 23:31

Note the times (left) when looking at the ‘several days’ and chasing the electrician comments on the second ‘review’

Below is a BAD review from a customer left online.

I have taken screen shots of both of them as one was removed by the site.

Firstly the story:

We were asked by a client to provide an electrical check and install smoke / heat detectors to a rental property…. so far so good.

We DID agree to call the client and tell them what needed done, but on arrival (to do an inspection) it was apparent the electrics were in such a poor state I decided to detail things in writing to save any confusion.

To be clear- we were NAUGHTY by saying we would call with the info when we didn’t. but we had our reasons- which seem to have been vindicated

A EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) is like an MOT on a car- it is ONLY a test, not an installation job - this is relevant when you see the review.

Time scale of events